Why do organizations like using Relish+ for fundraising efforts?

Why do organizations like using Relish+ for fundraising efforts?

Fundraising with Relish+ is simple but more importantly, the benefits of a Relish+ membership are relevant to so many households globally.  Relish+ saves busy households money, saves people  time and eliminates the daily stress of “what’s for dinner?” Meal plans are already built for 3-7 days and consumers can customize for their specific household needs.

At only $3.75/month, everyone considers Relish+ a worthwhile investment for their household.

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    • What types of organizations have had success raising money with a Relish+ fundraiser?

      Many types of organizations have successfully raised money using Relish+. PTAs, churches, sports booster clubs have all offered Relish+ memberships to their supporters and made money.  If you are unsure if this type of fundraiser is right for your ...
    • What are the meal plans like on Relish+? What do they include?

      Relish+ meal plans are customizable and flexible. We offer 4-day, 5-day, and 7-day plans that primarily include dinner entree recipes. Depending on your particular plan, extras such as dessert or cocktail recipes may be included. You can easily swap ...
    • Once I have my shopping list, how do I get my groceries through Relish?

      It is easy to get groceries using Relish! Right below your shopping list is a field to enter your zip code and see all the grocery services available in your area. From there, you can select the retailer you’d like to use and your cart will be ...
    • Who creates the Relish+ meal plans?

      Most Relish+ meal plans are created by nutritionists, using popular recipes from the top food blogs and recipes sites. Some plans are specific to the publisher or blogger and authored by them.
    • How to use the Relish+ calendar

      While viewing your Relish+ calendar you will be able to add individual recipes and entire meal plans to the days and weeks ahead. Do so by selecting the day that you would like to add a recipe to (it will then be outlined). Next, click on the recipe ...