When will I get new meal plans?

When will I get new meal plans?

New meal plans are added to Relish every week. Make sure to follow your favorite series so you never miss a new plan!
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    • Who creates the Relish meal plans?

      Most Relish meal plans are created by nutritionists, using popular recipes from the top food blogs and recipes sites. Some plans are specific to the publisher or blogger and authored by them.
    • What am I able to do with Meal Plans as a FREE Relish member?

      These features are available for FREE Relish Members: Favorite a Meal Plan When viewing an individual Meal Plan, you are able to save the Meal Plan to your favorites by clicking the heart icon at the top of the plan. To unfavorite the Meal Plan, just ...
    • With Relish, would I have access to all the meal plans?

      Yes! Unlike many other meal planning services, Relish allows members to access our full library of hundreds of meal plans for FREE! These meal plans can be used as-is, saved, or added to your shopping list . If you would like to customize the meal ...
    • How to Save and Reuse a Meal Plan

      Any changes made to a Meal Plan you have saved will be kept. Possible changes include adjusting servings and changing which day or meal a dish is scheduled for. You are also able to add and remove any recipe to meet your preferences. Once changes ...