Are there additional benefits to a Relish+ fundraiser?

Are there additional benefits to a Relish+ fundraiser?

Yes, there are a couple other custom elements we can include as part of your fundraising efforts.  Depending on your org, some may be more helpful than others.  Contact us and we can look at each one together.
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    • What types of organizations have had success raising money with a Relish+ fundraiser?

      Many types of organizations have successfully raised money using Relish+. PTAs, churches, sports booster clubs have all offered Relish+ memberships to their supporters and made money.  If you are unsure if this type of fundraiser is right for your ...
    • How much can I earn by doing a fundraiser with Relish+?

      Fundraising with Relish+ doesn’t just earn you money today; a program will earn your organization money each month because you get paid $1/subscriber/month for as long as your supporters continue to subscribe to Relish+.
    • How easy is it to set up my specific fundraiser with Relish+?

      Fundraising with Relish+ is simple and turnkey.  Email us at and give us specifics.  We can get you set up in one business day.  Include your name, the name of your organization with a link to your website/Facebook page as well ...
    • Why do organizations like using Relish+ for fundraising efforts?

      Fundraising with Relish+ is simple but more importantly, the benefits of a Relish+ membership are relevant to so many households globally.  Relish+ saves busy households money, saves people  time and eliminates the daily stress of “what’s for ...
    • How much does Relish+ cost?

      Relish+ memberships start at $3.75/month with a 12-month membership, billed annually. There is also a 3-month option at $4.98/month, billed quarterly. Both options begin with a 14-day free trial so users can experience Relish before paying for it.